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We incorporate sustainability into your structures

All our products are free of chlorides according EN1504



Corrosion surveys

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ISO15257 level 4 certifiedCP system design


Field or laboratory testing, analysis and evaluation

CorrPRE - Special Anodes Manufacturing, is specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of both sacrificial and impressed current anodes for steel in concrete world-wide under our own brand names:
  • ZLA® (Zinc Layer Anode)

  • ZLA-System

  • iGAL Remote Monitoring

  • ZDA (Zinc Discrete Anode)

  • RollAnode + ZAP 

  • Galvex

  • ZincoFlex

  • GalvaWrap

  • CorrAnode

  • CorroDisc

  • SiliGuard Coat

  • Corroseal 1C

  • Corroseal 2C

  • Corroseal HI-FLEX

  • CorroFix RM

  • CorroFix SS

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