ZLA® application up on the soffit of the Neerbossche bridge at Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Application of RollAnodes in the supports of the Viaduc de Fourneaux Highway A43 France.

Restauration of the “Banca di Napoli” at Teramo, Italy. Application of ZLA® and RollAnodes on historical over 100 years old window casings. The casings were precasted and exists of a mixture of cement and fine marble aggregate.

ZLA® application up on the columns of the Motorway E9 at Brussels, Belgium.

Appartment Buildings Seineflat – Amstelveen Netherland  ZLA® application on balcony fascias.

Appartment Buidlings Zandvoort Netherlands

Application of ICCP discrete MMO titanium anodes in pre drilled holes in balcony supports and conductive coating on balcony fascias and soffits.

Viadotto Colle Isarco – Autostrada del Brennero, Italy

Corrosion survey of the prestressed tendons in the bridge deck.

Lankawi Island (Pulau Payar) – Street of Malacca Malasyia

ZLA® application up on concrete dock supports.

Restauration of the viaduct Fommestraat – Margraten Netherlands

ZLA® application on the concrete supports of the viaduct.

Tangenziale di Milano – Viadotto dei Parchi – Via Rubattino – Italy 

Corrosion survey of the deck joints on the soffit of the viaduct, and eventual restauration of appr. 125 joints incl. ZLA® application 2m on both sides along the joints. 

Juliana bridge – Alphen aan de Rijn, Netherlands

Application of RollAnodes in to the internal concrete bridge deck supports.