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Zinc Sacrificial Anodes

CE certified acc. to EN1504-9

ZLA® is a zinc sacrificial sheet anode which is applied directly upon the concrete surface for corrosion control of steel in concrete. The application is realised by an ion-conductive adhesive which is pre-applied.


ZLA® is supplied with the applied adhesive and is ready to use. The protective PET-liner is removed prior to application of the zinc sheet. The current required for cathodic protection is provided by the galvanic link of the steel reinforcement and the zinc sheet.


No external power is required.

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ZLA System

A product's service life is its expected life time, or the acceptable period of use in service. Service life does not only depend on the estimated service life which can be calculated by the anode's consumption rates but also involves external or environmental factors. These environmental factors may have serious impact on the service life of ZLA if not taken into account.

The ZLA-system consists of a range of recommended products to be used for ZLA application which -if properly applied- will extend ZLA's service life.

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Highly flexible self-adhesive zinctape consists of a 150 micron zinc sheet with a high tack 1mm thick butyl rubber adhesive highly resistant to gas or water vapors. Adheres to all metals and porous materials like concrete. Can be used as a waterproof flashing tape or membrane for sealing openings in exterior walls.

*Recommended with ZLA to seal the ZLA overlapping and edges. Standard rolls : 6cm x 10m.

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These sacrificial zinc anodes are specifically designed for application in pre-drilled holes which are imbedded in an ion-conductive auto moistening paste, for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures.

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Sacrificial zinc anodes embedded in an ion-conductive auto moistening paste, for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures with a cotton sleeve protection against concrete casting. For protection of reinforced concrete structures which are newly build or precasted.

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Galvex GX60 & GX100

A discrete sacrificial zinc anode specifically designed for patching and repairing concrete. The anode is imbedded in an ion-conductive auto moistening paste and a conductive geopolymer mortar. Designed to perform under any conditions even submerged.

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ZAP Paste
ZAP Paste

ZAP is an electrolytic paste which is specifically developed for sacrificial zinc anodes when applied in a dry environment. Zap keeps the zinc surface moist and active as it contains a unique blend of moist-binders and zinc surface activators.

It enhances the performance and anode efficiency and guarantees a continuous current density even in a dry environment like concrete and arid soils. ZAP has a sealant-like behavior, is highly viscous and can be applied with standard sealant-guns.

*ZAP comes in standard 600 ml flex packs “sausages” (aluminium with plastic inliner) which are used with standard manual or battery charged sealant guns.

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Galvex 60 DI_edited_edited.png
Galvex DI

Sacrificial zinc anode imbedded in an ion-conductive auto moistening coating and a conductive geopolymer mortar, for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures installed into drilled holes. Designed to be waterproof in extremely wet conditions.

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