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Repair Mortar

CORROFIX RM (Repair Mortar)

CorroFix RM is a cement based, CP approved, shrinkage-free, fast setting, fiber reinforced and light swellable repair mortar based on special cements, additives and aggregates according DIN EN 998-2 mortar class M30. CorroFix RM adheres and bonds perfect to nearly all absorbend mineral surfaces and is water, frost and salt resistant.

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corrofix ss
CORROFIX SS (Surface Sealer)

CorroFix SS mortar is a cement based, CP approved, shrinkage compensated, watertight against pressurised water according to EN 998-1. CorroFix SS mortar develops over time higher compressive strength and withstands high water pressures.

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SILIGROUT is an acid proof grout consisting of mineral binders and finely divided silica fillers, specifically approved for ICCP discrete anode applications. Siligrout hardens by internal chemical action, which produces an insoluble silica gel. Siligrout is resistant to most acids and salts, and is completely inert to all organic solvents.

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