Galvanic Cathodic Protection System Complying With Code Based Protection Criteria.

Application of a surface applied cathodic protection system on a light weight concrete bridge.

Beneficial effects of electrolytic pastes and increased anode surface area on galvanic anodes instead of traditional backfill in soil applica-tions.

La manutenzione dei Giunti del Viadotto dei Parchi - Tangenziale Est di Milano.

Issues using potential decay techniques to assess a cathodic protection system of steel in concrete caused by macrocell corrosion.

Rollanodes installed on balcony canti-levers of an appartment complex

Korrosionsuntersuchung der Brücken-fahrbahn "Viadotto Colle Isarco" auf der Brennerautobahn.

Electrochemical behavior of zinc layer anodes used for galvanic protection of steel in reinforced concrete.

A comprehensive study of the spatial distribution of the galvanic protection current supplied by Zinc Layer Anodes applied to steel-reinforced concrete structures.

Simplistic method for the assessment of anode spacing and predicted life for galvanic point source anodes for atmo- spherically exposed steel in concrete.

Assessment, monitoring and investigionof existing galvanic anode corrosion mitigation systems for atmospherical exposed reinforced concrete.

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