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Galvanic Cathodic Protection System Complying With Code Based Protection Criteria.

Application of a surface applied cathodic protection system on a light weight concrete bridge.

Beneficial effects of electrolytic pastes and increased anode surface area on galvanic anodes instead of traditional backfill in soil applica-tions.

La manutenzione dei Giunti del Viadotto dei Parchi - Tangenziale Est di Milano.

Issues using potential decay techniques to assess a cathodic protection system of steel in concrete caused by macrocell corrosion.

Rollanodes installed on balcony canti-levers of an appartment complex

Korrosionsuntersuchung der Brücken-fahrbahn "Viadotto Colle Isarco" auf der Brennerautobahn.

Electrochemical behavior of zinc layer anodes used for galvanic protection of steel in reinforced concrete.

A comprehensive study of the spatial distribution of the galvanic protection current supplied by Zinc Layer Anodes applied to steel-reinforced concrete structures.

Simplistic method for the assessment of anode spacing and predicted life for galvanic point source anodes for atmo- spherically exposed steel in concrete.

Assessment, monitoring and investigionof existing galvanic anode corrosion mitigation systems for atmospherical exposed reinforced concrete.

This paper presents an analysis of the current distribution and steel polarization data that have been collected from a car park project in the French Alps.

Cathodic Protection of Precast, Prestressed Multistory Carpark
Slabs, using a Surface Applied Galvanic Zinc Layer Anode

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