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Impressed current anodes

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The anode is manufactured as a discrete MMO-titanium anode. The heart of the anode is based on a MMO-coated titanium electrode. The anodes is specifically designed for application in pre-drilled holes which can be used in combination with our silicate based grout or just traditional mineral based grouts preferably recommended by certified CP designers or engineers.

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CorroDisc is an ICCP discrete composite anode. The anode is premanufactured as a complete anode system. The electrode material is pre-casted in an acid resistant cementitious mortar. Through the pre-applied ion-conductive adhesive or in situ applied electrolytic paste (ZAP) the anode is applied directly on the reinforced concrete surface avoiding the need for slots, holes, grouts or additional mortar.

The adhesive in combination with an additional 6mm plastic fixing (A) enables the anode to be securely and durable adhered to the surface of the concrete structure. The ion-conductive adhesive functions as a salt bridge, bridging the premanufactured anode with the concrete structure avoiding electrochemical reactions taking place in the adhesive.

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Siliguard Coat

Siliguard Coat is a one component inorganic low alkaline acqueous composite paint for active corrosion control of steel in concrete. Once applied, the paint -consisting of concrete's own ingredients with an open porous structure- guarantees excellent adhesion and acid proof properties.

*Siliguard Coat can be applied either by brushing, rolling or spraying.

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Black Coating Impressed current conductive coating
Titanium Cramp
Titanium Crimps

Titanium Wire Crimps are highly corrosion resistant and used to prevent galvanic corrosion between the crimp and the titanium wire.

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Titanium Cable
Titanium cable

Red insulated titanium anode feeder cable.


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