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About us


Who are we?

Founded in 2006 and with over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to be a global leader in cathodic protection of steel in concrete. Our mission is clear: to protect buildings and structures around the world with the focus on corrosion in a way that is both effective and sustainable. We believe that proper protection is essential for the longevity and safety of every structure.

Our expertise in this specialised field has enabled us to offer customised solutions that perfectly meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's large commercial projects or smaller private ventures, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to support every project.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about imparting knowledge and skills. We are committed not just to delivering high-quality products and services, but also to sharing our extensive expertise in this area. This makes us more than just a supplier; we are a valuable partner in any construction or renovation project.

We take pride in our ability to provide everything necessary for your project. Our dedication to customization and customer service means that we work closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs are met. From initial planning to final execution, we are here to ensure your project is successful and sustainable.

At CorrPRE, we are dedicated to building a safer, more sustainable world, one project at a time. Let's work together to protect and preserve your structures for the future.

We incorporate sustainability into your structures

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